BBQ; Pulled Pork from Dutch Pigs.

The Pork

It’s time again to make some nice pulled pork. Last time I made it was a big success. This time the pulled pork is made from the Boston Butt cut of a ‘Hollands wroetvarken’ (Dutch Rooting pig).

These pigs have a Better Life rating of 1 out of 3, are not free ranging pigs but they have a way better life than the standard pig, more living space, better flooring, no medicine/antibiotics unless they are sick and living in groups of 20 to 30 pigs. Less stress and the meat ordered has won several BBQ prizes, good ingredients make cooking easy.

The Pull

The next step in preparing the meat is rubbing the meat with dry rub, a mix of spices and herbs to flavor the pig. You can make it yourself, but I like the easy way and just buy a can.

For this pig I got “Smokey Goodness Pig Powder”, a Dutch blend. The sweet is added by Cinnamon and Fennel, the heat is added by some Chipotle Pepper.

I Rubbed the meat with the dry rub and let it rest for an hour or so while I lit the barbecue.



The cooking process is simple but takes a long time. The meat is placed in the barbecue when it is around 120°C on the BBQ thermometer. (the thermometer is placed high in the top of the bbq so I add 10°C to the temperature I’m aiming for)  Add some JD Smoking pellets,  Stick the meat thermometer in the meat put it all in the BBQ and wait until it has reached ~75°C (Core Temperature). Can take a few hours, no peeking.

The meat is then foiled, a bit of apple juice is added and the whole foiled package is going back on the BBQ until the core temp is ~85°C. Also takes a few hours.

The foil is removed, the pork is basted with Barbecue sauce (American Stockyard BBQ Sauce).  And Put back on the BBQ for another hour and a half.


The Result


  • stijnvandrunen

    I’ve been there to witness the end result of this pulled pork adventure and it can only be described as one of those stories that will be told to your grand-grand-children, sung about in prayers and whispered about in hush toned conversations by world leaders.