Docker-compose for MQTT & Home Assistant

I found the, for me, easiest way to upgrade a set of Docker containers. The setup is based on docker-compose.yml files and volumes in the same directory. Installing is as simple as creating the docker-compose.yml file and starting it up.

Create a docker-compose.yml in the directory where you would like to store your container, […]

Sonoff, MQTT and Home-Assistant.

A few months ago, a Shenzen based manufacturer of open-source hardware, released the Sonoff wifi module. This is a dirt cheap ( $5 ) wifi connected switch that even comes with a nice enclosure. So cheap it is impossible not to buy. By default they can be configured for use with the eWeLink app. As far […]

Dockerized WordPress.

I want a blog. Why? Well I got stuff I want to share, fat chance nobody is interested but /care, still want one. What’s the biggest blogging platform? WordPress probably. I like the workflow and themability is great so this is going to be it. For hosting there are roughly 2 options. Self-hosted: I’ve got […]